The Plastecca Commitment

We build long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and accountability.
We are committed to being a close, reliable collaborator, seeking excellent quality and always involved and dedicated to providing solutions for your plastic injection projects.

Technical Support

Our drive to develop new projects will help make us your most important partner. We offer technical competence and comprehensive support for every plastic injection requirement, even in the most demanding sectors and markets.

Complete Service

We are in constant communication with our customers to optimise both investment and production costs. We offer a full and highly adaptable service, managing the purchase of components, the customisation of parts, packaging and finishes. We guarantee a quick response and ensure that agreed delivery times are met.

Plastecca, your trusted supplier

We want to be your partner to help you take your projects forward, putting them into practice together, with very clear values of quality, transparency, technical support, reliable deliveries and commitment to the environment.

Automation and technology, the tools for your projects

We invest in the latest injection machines, robotics and peripherals with cutting-edge technology. This allows us to work with the most demanding materials with a guarantee of high reliability.

Complete service, from concept to delivery

We work on your project from the very start, supporting development, prototyping, mould construction engineering, production, assembly and custom solutions.

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