Constantly renewed cutting-edge technology

Plastecca has constantly renewed and highly automated cutting-edge technology.

Our machinery currently covers the range from 35 t to 250 t, with hydraulic and electric injectors. All machines are equipped with robots to automate production, minimising handling. We also have all the necessary peripheral equipment for optimum quality (temperature regulators, mould thermoregulators, milling machines beside the injector, humidification chambers, oven to stabilise parts).

Our structure means we can work with the most technical materials on the market. Our plant is equipped with a central dehumidifying unit with independent temperature control containers and a fully automated vacuum transport system.

At Plastecca we guarantee a highly stable continuous process.


Thermoplastics high-tech

Materials with high technical requirements

These provide the solution to industrial requirements. We work with high-performance materials, often with additives such as glass fibre, carbon, aramid, metals, minerals, microspheres and lubricants.

Engineering plastics

Engineering plastics for industrial applications with specific mechanical or thermal requirements, which may or may not also have additives, to achieve the desired performance.

Commodity plastics

The so-called commodities used for the highest consumption production items with better price requirements but without so many technical needs.

Future commitment

We also work with recycled materials from reliable, controlled sources, repetitive properties and sustainable, traceable suppliers.

We have a constantly developing wide range of BIOcompatible, BIOdecomposable, BIObased materials with ever-improving properties based on more sustainable organic materials. These are likely to be the future of some plastics that are currently massively used.


Do you want our advice on material options?

Complete service, from concept to delivery

We work on your project from the very start, supporting development, prototyping, mould construction engineering, production, assembly and custom solutions.

High quality and respect for the environment – the pattern for our work

Located in green surroundings near La Garrotxa Natural Park, we are motivated by respect for the environment and a desire to protect it. Production control is carried out in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Plastecca, your trusted supplier

We want to be your partner to help you take your projects forward, putting them into practice together, with very clear values of quality, transparency, technical support, reliable deliveries and commitment to the environment.

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